Dear readers! my name is Mashell Chapeyama and I am the country representative of WebTokenProfit in Zimbabwe

On this page you will find the most important and most necessary information on all the international activities of our project.

My Big WEC Dream is to build a really big international team with representatives of all coutries of the world.

Before you will go on reading. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to understand MY PERSONAL STRATEGY. Sure, some of you will get interesting offers from the management of the WTP company. That is why I ask you to register in my downline (the links to all platforms are lower). And the matter is not only that I had invited you to the project, but the matter is FORMING INTERNATIONAL WTP TEAM – is MY PERSONAL TASK. Thank you for understanding.

Keep this page in your Favorites, subscribe to Levelnaut.com, participate in all project activities and then you will not miss any important information. And this information will lead you to success in the crypto world. Good luck!

Here you can find an instruction to work and presentation of the project

And these are all services that work with WTP coin (WebTokenProfit)

So, you should start from this website and you can use MY VERY SHORT INSTRUCTION too.

Webtokenprofit.comBinary investment Program
PDF Presentation
Power Point Presentation


Š”rypto-accelerator.ioMining and staking amplifier
PDF Presentation
PDF Step by step Manual


Golden-ratio.io – Matrix investment program
PDF Presentation
Power Point Presentation


WebTokenProfit ProfitBotProfitBot Investment Program in Telegram
PDF Presentation

Power Point Presentation

AUTOWEŠ” – Auto Investment Program
PDF Presentation

Power Point Presentation

Coin-galaxyStock exchange
PDF Presentation

Power Point Presentation


Minimal deposit, that is necessary to start working at WebTokenProfit

Binary – 30 dollars (in equivalent of WEC coin)
Accelerator – 30 dollars is the price of minimal license (in equivalent of WEC coin)
Golden Ratio – 0.06 WEC (Start guilds)
ProfitBot – 10 dollars (in equivalent of WEC coin

Coin Galaxy Exchange – any sum

The list of stock exchanges where WEC coin is currently traded:

Coin-galaxy Coinsbit

International Official WebTokenProfit Channels, Groups, Pages and Chats on Internet

WTP YouTube International Channel

Telegram Channels
English https://t.me/wtpenglish
Arabic https://t.me/wtparabic
Bengali https://t.me/Wtpnewsbangladesh
Chinese https://t.me/WebTokenProfitChannelChina
Danish https://t.me/wecdanishchannel
Dutch https://t.me/WECDutchNewsChannel
Filipino https://t.me/wecfilipinochannel
Finnish https://t.me/WECFinnishNewsChannel
French https://t.me/wtpfrancais
German https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEyu_N7xkqxMgx7X_w
Hebrew https://t.me/wechebrewnewschannel
Hindi https://t.me/webtokenprofitindia
Indonesian https://t.me/wtpnewsindonesian
Italian https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAENW34X6c_CUJRVSAQ
Japanese https://t.me/WECJapaneseNewsChannel
Kazakh https://t.me/weckazakhchannel
Korean https://t.me/koreannewschannel
Kyrgyz https://t.me/WECKyrgyzNewsChannel
Latvian https://t.me/wtplat
Malaysian https://t.me/wecnewsmalaysia
Mongolian https://t.me/wecmongoliannews
Myanmar https://t.me/myanmarnewschannel
Nepali https://t.me/WECNepaliChat
Polish https://t.me/wecpolishnews
Portuguese https://t.me/Wtpportugalchannel
Spanish https://t.me/wtpspanishchannel
Swahili https://t.me/WebTProfit
Tamil https://t.me/wectamilchannel
Turkish https://t.me/wtpturkeynews
Ukrainian https://t.me/WTPUA
Urdu https://t.me/wecurduchannel
Uzbek https://t.me/WEC_Uzbek_News_Channel
Vietnamese https://t.me/wtpvietnam_new
Yoruba https://t.me/wecyorubachannel
Zulu https://t.me/wec_amazulu

Telegram Groups
English https://t.me/wtpeng
Arabic https://t.me/joinchat/JD9jFQ–zImjR-X38Fnfhg
Bengali https://t.me/wtpbangladesh
Chinese https://t.me/WebTokenProfitGroupChina
Danish https://t.me/wecdenmark
Dutch https://t.me/WECDutchChat
Filipino https://t.me/wecfilipinochat
Finnish https://t.me/WECFinnishChat
French https://t.me/joinchat/JD9jFRm8bktjUWx6mQQFZQ
German https://t.me/joinchat/JD9jFUYS7jzAuj-XXk0e9w
Hebrew https://t.me/wechebrewchat
Hindi https://t.me/joinchat/JD9jFUjGYDUA7vKFMrV9JA
Indonesian https://t.me/wtpindonesiangroups
Italian https://t.me/webtokenprofititaly
Japanese https://t.me/WECJapaneseChat
Kazakh https://t.me/weckazakh
Korean https://t.me/weckoreanchat
Kyrgyz https://t.me/WecKyrgyzChat
Latvian https://t.me/wtplat_group
Malaysian https://t.me/wecchatmalaysia
Mongolian https://t.me/wecmongolian
Myanmar https://t.me/wecmyanmarchat
Nepali https://t.me/WECNepaliChat
Polish https://t.me/wecpolishchat
Portuguese https://t.me/Wtpportugal
Spanish https://t.me/Wtpspanish
Swahili https://t.me/webtpEA
Tamil https://t.me/wectamilchat
Turkish https://t.me/wtpturkeychat
Ukrainian https://t.me/ChatWTPUA
Urdu https://t.me/wecurduchat
Uzbek https://t.me/WEC_Uzbek_Chat
Vietnamese https://t.me/joinchat/JD9jFVjjZ8HeC91NZg-AqA
Yoruba https://t.me/wecyorubachat
Zulu https://t.me/wec_global

Facebook Pages
English https://www.facebook.com/webtokenprofitcom
Arabic https://www.facebook.com/Anpcecom.05
Bengali https://www.facebook.com/webtokenprofitbangladesh
Chinese https://www.facebook.com/Webtokenprofitchannel-China-107177291032306
Danish https://www.facebook.com/WEC-Danish-Business-Page-638127616799063
Dutch https://www.facebook.com/WEC-Dutch-Business-Page-106880157788688
Filipino https://www.facebook.com/wecfilippinobusinesspage
Finnish https://www.facebook.com/Finnishwebtokenprofitcom
French https://www.facebook.com/WTP-Francais-111787477188806
German https://www.facebook.com/Web-Token-Profit-Deutschland-108464944224685
Hebrew https://www.facebook.com/WEC-Hebrew-Business-Page-100459205067194
Hindi https://www.facebook.com/Web-token-profit-India-106911634388072
Indonesian https://www.facebook.com/wtpindonesian/
Italian https://www.facebook.com/webtokenprofititalia/
Japanese https://www.facebook.com/WEC-Japanese-Business-Page-104898381322569
Kazakh https://www.facebook.com/WEC-Kazakh-Business-Page-101715128314430
Korean https://www.facebook.com/weckoreanbusinesspage
Kyrgyz https://www.facebook.com/WEC-Kyrgyz-Business-Page-115996346863652/
Latvian https://www.facebook.com/Web-Token-Profit-Latvija-102140754885611/
Malaysian https://www.facebook.com/WTP-Malaysia-Bussiness-Page-112691477169535
Mongolian https://www.facebook.com/pg/wecmongolianbusinesspage
Myanmar https://www.facebook.com/pg/wecmyanmarbusinesspage
Nepali https://www.facebook.com/pg/WEC-Nepali-Business-Pa-107959107679223
Polish https://www.facebook.com/pg/wecpolishbusinesspage/
Portuguese https://www.facebook.com/webtokenprofitportugal/
Spanish https://www.facebook.com/webtokenprofitspanish
Swahili https://www.facebook.com/Web-Token-Profit-East-Africa-108770500835839
Tamil https://www.facebook.com/WEC-Tamil-Business-Page-614361879219342
Turkish https://www.facebook.com/pg/wecturkishbusinesspage
Ukrainian https://www.business.facebook.com/WEC-Ukrainian-Business-Page-103038141474345/
Urdu https://www.facebook.com/WEC-Urdu-Business-Page-215109253250096
Uzbek https://www.facebook.com/WEC-Uzbek-Business-Page-102197941568669
Vietnamese https://www.facebook.com/wtpvietnam
Yoruba https://www.facebook.com/WEC-Yoruba-Business-Page-586907685326446/
Zulu https://www.facebook.com/WEC-ZULU-PAGE-111803883922603/








Telegram – Afghanistan, Iran, China
Facebook – Iran, China, Cuba, Myanmar, North Korea, Turkmenistan
YouTube – Iran, China, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Sudan, Syria, South Sudan
Google – Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria

If you want to succeed at WebTokenProfit the best way join


If you don’t have Telegram, download this messenger (for your mobile phone or personal computer) at official website telegram.org

Get additional important information in the About Section

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