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Markethive a marketing platform and social site

Markethive is an integrated marketing system. It has social components we find on social sites as well as marketing features. It offers many free benefits to marketers. Here are some of the benefits: Email Marketing, Landing Pages, Campaign Management Lead Nurturing and Scoring, Lead management, Customer management and calendaring actions Social Marketing subscribing and broadcasting, … Continue reading Markethive a marketing platform and social site

Markethive a unique social and marketing platform

      There are many tools and platforms for marketing products and organisations online. People have a wide choice when it comes to selling their concepts. Some marketing platforms ask participants to pay, in the form of upgrades, while others offer free services to its members.  Other marketing platforms require members to do certain … Continue reading Markethive a unique social and marketing platform

Decenturion a vibrant digital economy

Decenturion has become the first well-known digital state on the globe. It is a decentralised state, run by thousands of its citizens, scattered across the world. It is a state that is gunning for recognition of the United nations. People across the world thus can become citizens and participate actively in the activities of the … Continue reading Decenturion a vibrant digital economy

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