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Have your questioned answered about Decenturion

As a popular writer about Decenturion, I often get a lot of questions. Whereas many people appreciate the logic behind Decenturion, they question the feasibility of the project. On some of the forums where I write about Decenturion, I receive these comments and sentiments. I wish to answer a few of these questions here. What … Continue reading Have your questioned answered about Decenturion

Facts on Decenturion

My assumption now is that you have read some material on Decenturion, since I have been writing a lot in recent months. If you need more background information read, https://levelnaut.com/2019/02/13/the-strategic-basis-of-decenturion/   In simple terms, Decenturion is a digital country, built on the ethereum blockchain. It is a self-sufficient country, with its own economy, governance and … Continue reading Facts on Decenturion

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